How to cut calories without cutting calories



When it comes to trying to lose more fat, the obvious way to lose weight is to cut your calories. Now depending where you are, let’s for this video say we are at 2,000 calories a day and we are not really seeing any changes from this. The most obvious way to see a deficit is to drop your calories.

Most people would drop 10-20% meaning down to 200-400calories per day. But remember that when it comes to getting results, by dropping calories to achieve the desired result, you are asking the body to perform just as efficiently in the gym and daily activities, without the fuel it normally gets.

There’s only a certain amount of times that you can drop calories before you are pissing into the wind and your body is fighting you every step of the way. I am not saying you can’t do it this way, I am just saying there will come a time where your body struggles to hold muscle, you become flat and deflated and you can’t get a pump in the gym anymore, and you feel and look like one of those zombies from the walking dead, and potentially achieve the skinny fat look.

So what can you do instead? Instead of looking at it with tunnel vision, instead dedicate more time to moving and asking the body to expel more calories in a day.

So let’s say you’re on 2,000 calories a day and you are actively doing 4 quality training sessions in the gym, and your results have diminished with fat loss, what you can instead consider is improving activity you are doing on a day to day basis. NEAT training is a great way of doing this. Non exercise activity thermogenesis is what we burn during non exercise based activities such as walking, moving about generally, doing activities in your job. These are non strenuous but do force your body to expel calories.

By going for extra walks, even walking on a treadmill, out in the open, or light cycle, or rower, or going swimming, the list of thing’s is huge, you could get that same 200-400 calorie deficit every single day without dropping a single calorie.

It means better continued energy levels throughout the day and performance in your workouts, and more than likely it’s going to mean less time sitting in front of the TV and instead choosing activities that can actually be fun and with the family.

When you’re looking to continue your fat loss goals for as long as possible it’s little steps like this that can influence the length of time you can keep seeing results without hitting a brick wall.

Remember you’re going to have to push the body to make it keep chiseling away at the body fat, BUT you don’t always have to do it in a way that stresses the body too much. Training intensity, NEAT, Calorie reduction, and recovery all play their role in achieving the end goal and getting a balance of them all is key.