The Ideal Training and time to train for 9 to 5’ers



If you’re someone who works from 9 to 5, which is best, training early in the morning before work, or training in the evening after work.

Now I work with my clients in intensive formats via small group training and large group training that’s how I built my business because I absolutely love the community aspect where you are pushed by each other and you see the guy or girl next to you stepping up their weight on the exercise and that pushes you to try and achieve more.

I grew up in sports so always enjoyed that atmosphere which is why I turned my gym into that kind of format.

I do three sessions a week with clients in the evening, and three morning a week as well and both times are rammed. If I wasn’t a personal trainer myself and you asked me what time I would do I would say morning before work because now I have a little one I would want to train before work if possible so I have the evening free for family time.

The other benefit I see of this is because I always feel productive after a workout. Waking your body up with a workout in the morning just sets up your mood, you are ready for a good breakfast after, you arrive to work full of energy, that’s personally how I would want to do it with the way my life is now.

For me personally by the end of a long day my brain is fried and when that happens I feel like it would take a lot of motivation to get my head right for the workout. In the morning my brain isn’t foggy and therefore the only challenge is setting the alarm, and once up and warmed up, I’m ready for working out.

With that being said I also know that after a couple of meals I am stronger than what I would be waking up. I also know that the best medicine for many people after a stressful day is to exercise before they go settle with the family otherwise that can translate into the evening. So training after work has many positives.

When it comes to who should work out when I would always ask what fits your lifestyle best? Do you have family? What time actually suits your weekly schedule? How do you deal with stress? Have you trained early before? I personally have seen people who would never have considered training early before become addicted to getting into the gym before work and knowing they have the rest of the day to do as they please? They went from sluggish for the first half of the day to feeling great and having better sleeping patterns because of the shift in their schedule.

When it comes to the type of training you do as well the old school methods were to do all the typical bodybuilder type programs with loads of rest inbetween, or the ladies running like masters on treadmill’s for an hour.

But over the last decade or so theirs been a huge shift in how gyms are being set up especially private gyms like ours for example where it’s purpose built to incorporate multiple modalities into one awesome workout.

Gyms now have long track and alongside your strength training workouts you actually have the ability to combine resistance and cardio via strongman and strongirl conditioning programs and really challenge your body the way it was designed for.

Gyms like ours are about getting stronger, leaner, fitter and to always improve your weakest elements in the gym so that you can become the ultimate version of yourself.

These overall workout programs allow your body to get everything you need within your week to ensure you achieve your goal but as your body changes, your ability to use your bodies potential improves.

I love the thought of having muscle that is fit for purpose. I’m not the biggest in the world but pound for pound I can compete with most people. I like to lift, I like to run, I like to have energy, and I like to challenge my body and that’s how training doesn’t become boring. You don’t have to train only one body part a week to get results anymore.

So to summarise, if you’re a 9 to 5’er then find training that you will enjoy that gets the most out of your body and has you set up for the week. Train at a time that suits your schedule and family time and try where possible to stick to the pattern so you can get a pattern in your diary.